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About Wholesale Electrical Tape

Wholesale Electrical Tape

We are the premier national distributor of bulk electrical tapes

Since 1969, thousands of wholesale customers across the world have turned to us for their electrical tape purchasing and customizing requirements. Electro Tape is based in Florida, with distribution centers located at key locations around the United States to reduce delivery or pickup times. Our strengths lie in our experience, specificity of products, and ability to slit vinyl to custom sizes. Over the years, we have added a number of specialty grades for industry to meet demand. Our electrical tape product offering has developed into one of this country’s widest and largest offering.

Our Electrical Tape Selection

Our associates will work with you to find the best tape solution for your application. We go beyond typical distributing. Whether you’re focused on size, color, composition, thickness, weathering, or operating temperatures, we have the product for you. If you’re not sure what kind of tape you need, simply let us know the application it’s being used for and we will provide an assortment of premium tapes from which to choose.

Vinyl Electrical Tape Rubber Electrical Tape

Vinyl Electrical Tape

This is the most common variety of electrical tape and is largely used to insulate wires and other electrical applications.

Rubber Electrical Tape

In low-voltage and high voltage splicing, sealing, and padding applications, rubber insulating tape is the preferred product by industry around the US.

Cloth Electrical Tape Electrical Film Tape

Cloth Electrical Tape

Flexible and high tack product used in temporary repairs, bonding, and holding.

Electrical Film Tape

Best used for light maintenance, bundling, patching, and sealing applications.

Specialty Electrical Tape

Specialty Electrical Tape

We have other specialty electrical tapes such as metal shielding, arc-proofing and even mastic wrap and double rubber products used in the telecom industry. We can accommodate your special requirements.

Customized widths and tape slicing

One of the many facets of our business that sets us apart is our capability to not only provide a wide selection of electrical tape for industry, but customize orders to your specifications. Instead of tirelessly combing through catalogs, looking for pre-packaged bulk tape with the exact thicknesses, types, and widths, you can speak with one of our representatives to discuss precisely what you require. Our tape slitting and rewinding can produce the quantity and roll dimensions to meet your challenging electrical tape applications.

What kind of electrical tape do you need? Check out our wholesale collection here!