General Purpose & Industrial Masking Tapes

Our masking tapes are produced with crepe paper backings, to provide stretch and conformability, and quality adhesives for a range of general purpose applications. Each tape has key characteristics that provide the performance required for the specific job. Utility masking tape provides an economical way to bundle, mask, splice, and mark-off in non-critical applications. Industrial grade tape offers improved temperature and solvent resistance for more involved masking requirements.

Mr Blue 14 Day Clean Release Blue Painters Tape Bulk Wholesale

Mr. Blue 14 Day Clean Release Painter’s Tape – 108 Series

Clean removal from a variety of surfaces!

UV resistant product with a specially formulated adhesive system permits clean removal from a wide variety of surfaces up to 14 days.

Highly versatile product suitable for use on glass, most wallpaper, metal, painted or unpainted wood and stained or painted wallboard.

Not recommended for lacquer applications.

Industrial Grade Masking Tape Bulk Wholesale Distribution

Industrial Grade Masking Tape – 254 Series

Mid grade performance suitable for use in masking applications where moderate heat is applied.

Featuring a natural rubber adhesive.

Rated Service Temperature: 0°F to 203°F