Barricade tapes are an economical way to mark, identify and protect workers and visitors from job site dangers. These products offer a long lasting marking solution for off-limit areas or crowd control. A variety of mil thicknesses are offered so the correct product may be matched with the projects duration and other variables such as weather exposure. Note that our barricade film tapes are sold by their true thickness, not a “nominal” thickness that often won’t stack up to ours.


  • Designed to protect & identify both above & below ground hazardous areas.
  • Long lasting marking solutions for off-limit areas or crowd control.
  • All our barricade films are noted as true thickness, not nominal. When we say a product is 2 mil, it is 2 mil.

Common Uses For Barricade Tape

A marking solution indoors and outdoors for off-limits areas, physical hazards, property lines, raising awareness of danger, cordon pedestrian traffic, accidents, crime scenes, construction sites, and more.


Woven Barricade Tape Bulk Wholesale

Woven Barricade Tape – 892 Series

Heavy duty woven polypropylene film ensures long life.

High tensile strength provides a rigid barrier resistant to high winds and rigorous impact.

Yellow or red woven carrier with solid black line down through web center.