Our floor marking tape meets OSHA and ANSI standards and is widely preferred to painting and re-painting lines on warehouse and manufacturing floors. Heavy foot traffic, pallets, forklifts and jacks, trucks, cleaning chemicals, water, grease, and more will repeatedly make paint wear down. As an alternative, floor tape will outperform paint and is easy to install. You can lay down hundreds of feet in very little time and there is no curing or drying time required.

Our distributors who serve the industrial channel look to Electro Tape to keep their customers’ workplace safe from potential hazards. Pressure-sensitive PVC-based (polyvinylchloride) film combined with specially blended rubber adhesives provide durability, puncture, tear, and scratch resistance while conforming to even or irregular surfaces. Removal is simple and leaves no residue on most substrates.

Common Uses for Floor Tape & Hazard Tape

Bright colors alert employees and visitors of vehicle traffic areas, aisles, sudden ramps and stairs, exits, dangerous machine parts, radiation, live electricity, first aid, low hanging objects, defective machinery, fire suppression equipment, housekeeping, and other physical dangers. Allows for quick layout changes for flexible manufacturing environments.

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AisleMark™ Aisle Marking PVC Tape Bulk Wholesale

AisleMark™ PVC Marking Tape – 150 Series

11 tape colors designed to meet OSHA safety coding requirements

Excellent conformability to uneven shapes and surfaces

Suitable for decorating, striping and sealing

Available Colors:

Clean Room PVC Marking Tape Bulk Wholesale

Clean Room PVC Tape – 150C Series

Soft white PVC film tape designed specifically for clean room applications where contaminant / dust control is critical.

Tape is provided on a 3” plastic core and each roll wrapped to meet clean room requirements.

Available Color(s): White

Tips for Properly Installing Floor/Aisle Marking Tape

Surfaces should be clean and dry. Air dust or broom away excess dirt on the floor. Ideally, temperatures shouldn’t be below 60⁰F. For starting long lines, insert a rod through the core of the roll and adhere 2 feet of tape to the floor. Once that is set, walk the remaining roll backwards, insuring you’re within your pre-marked lane every few feet. Smooth by hand or use a tamping cart or vehicle wheel to tamp down aisle marking tape, going no faster than 2-3 MPH. Tamp in straight lines only. To connect more than one roll, use butt splices.