Our foil tapes are engineered for a wide range of applications and environments.

Foil tapes are known for their features of superior conformability, moisture resistance, and durability over a wide range of environmental conditions (broad temperatures and high humidity).

These features make foil tapes the best choice for vapor sealing of irregular and fibrous duct work, seaming of fabricated metals, and sealing of leaks and cracks in high demand applications. Constructions include aluminum foil, reinforced foil (FSK), and metalized films and tapes.

UL 181A Imprinted Foil Tape Bulk Wholesale Distribution

UL 181A Imprinted Foil Tape – 181A Series – 4.8 mil

UL 181A-P & B-FX Listed Premium Cold Weather Foil Tape for HVAC

Superior performance in all climate conditions – Ideal for sealing fiberglass duct board, dryer ventilation sealing, metal-to-metal seaming for duct systems

Broad Temperature Range: -20°F to 325°F

FOILASTIC Aluminum Foil Tape Butyl Rubber Mastic - Poly Liner Bulk Wholesale Distribution

FOILASTIC Aluminum Foil Tape – Butyl Rubber Mastic – Poly Liner

Highly conformable foil with a heavy-duty butyl rubber adhesive coat weight (33 & 43 mil thicknesses) provides an instant watertight bond to many substrates.

Designed for seaming and sealing leaks and cracks in a variety of commercial and construction applications. Can be used for temporary to permanent repair in roofing and commercial transportation applications.

Available in 2 thicknesses: 35 mil & 45 mil