Friction tape was the first electrical tape to enter the marketplace. Older wiring systems had cotton cloth jacketing, which was very susceptible to fire. Friction tape slowly replaced cotton jacketing. It is constructed of cotton cloth impregnated on both sides with a tacky, rubber adhesive that provides good adhesion to all types of surfaces, including itself, without sticky residue.

Its tough surface helps to prevent abrasion and protects wires, cables, and splices from penetration from neighboring systems

Common Uses of Cloth Friction Tape

Electrical wire splices, heavy-duty binding, bundling cables, household wiring, and adding no-slip grip to construction and agricultural equipment handles.

Friction Tape Premium Grade Bulldog Tape Bulk Wholesale

Friction Tape – Premium Grade – 45P Series

Offers excellent mechanical protection against abrasion and penetration of low voltage cable, splices and wire.

Suitable for temporary binding and harnessing applications.

Useful for multitude of miscellaneous general purpose uses – i.e. when applied onto tool handles, it provides a non-slip surface.

Available Colors: BlackBrown

Friction Tape Bulk Wholesale

Friction Tape – Standard Grade – 45 Series

Cotton cloth impregnated with scientifically compounded pure rubber based adhesive for maximum elasticity and moisture resistance.

Standard color: Black

Tape Thickness: 15.0 mil
Tensile Strength: 40 lb/in