Available in a multitude of colors and styles, PVC flagging ribbon tape is mostly used around construction for mapping, surveying, and roping off specific areas.

Its non-adhesive surface leaves behind no reside and is easy to tie and tear.

Flagging Tape Ribbon Bulk Wholesale

Flagging Tape – Standard – 870 Series

Typically used in construction environments for surveying, mapping, and roping off an area.

Non adhesive PVC carrier ensures no residue left behind.

Available Colors:

Flagging Tape High Visibility Glow Florescent Bulk Wholesale

Flagging Tape – High Visibility (Glow) – 875 Series

Glow version designed to provide greater visual impact.

Our 875 Glow Flagging Tape is a non-adhesive PVC ribbon for marking and tagging applications including utilities, construction, forestry and more.

Available Colors: