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Polyester Tape – Acrylic Adhesive – 693 Series

Solvent based acrylic adhesive coated on clear 0.5 mil polyester

Features cold-resistant -40°F to 250°F temperature range and a UV stabilizer system

Good on many substrates such as metals, foam, paper, plastic, foil, and film for laminating, bonding, splicing, and attaching.

Double Coated Polyester Tape Differential Acrylic Bulk Wholesale

Differential Polyester Tape – Hi/Lo Acrylic/Acrylic Adhesive – 694 Series

Differentially-coated 1 mil clear polyester coated with permanent solvent based acrylic on the unwind side and a removable solvent based acrylic on the liner side

Designed for so-called “permanent/removable” applications, such as processing fabricated parts

Removable adhesive system suitable for applications involving UV exposure as in POP – Point of Purchase Display.

General Purpose Carpet Tape Polyester Rubber Adhesive Bulk Wholesale

Banner Hem Tape – Polyester – Acrylic Adhesive – 697 Series

Great as a banner hem tape in graphics industry. Adhesive is plasticizer resistant and doesn’t deteriorate on soft vinyl – holds true for long life

Hand-tearable and conformable high-end, clear tape featuring a 0.5 mil polyester with a heavy mass of solvent based acrylic adhesive coating carried on a paper liner

Extremely aggressive adhesive ensures adhesion to a wide variety of smooth and textured surfaces. Capable of bonding low surface energy substrates

Premium Mounting PVC Acrylic Tape Bulk Wholesale

Premium Mounting Tape – PVC – Acrylic Adhesive – 4970 Series

Permanent bond of plastic, metal and wood surfaces

Excellent shear strength, high adhesion and high instant tack

Very Good temperature, UV, aging, and moisture resistance

Used for mounting trophy nameplates, heavy signs or other permanent mounting requirements.