Our line of Specialty Electrical tapes includes a range of high performance insulating, tabbing and splicing tapes for electrical and industrial market applications. These applications often involve extreme heat and conditions and require products that do not break down during use.

These tapes are constructed selectively by choice of backing and adhesive type to impart specific properties. Glass cloth tapes provide ultimate durability, strength, and abrasion resistance at moderate (rubber adhesive) to high temperatures (silicone adhesive). Polyester tapes, although thin, are strong, abrasion and tear resistant, and offer excellent conformability. Coupled with thermoset rubber or acrylic adhesives, these tapes allow for a wide range of serviceable temperatures. In addition, the transparency of the films and their range of colors make these a great choice for color coding and masking while maintaining visibility of covered part. Polyimide tapes deliver the maximum temperature resistance up to 500°F.

Polyester Tape Acrylic Adhesive Bulk Wholesale

Polyester Tape – Acrylic Adhesive – FR-9 Series

Conformable, strong polyester coated with a high quality solvent based acrylic adhesive.

Excellent for outer wrapping on capacitors and coils, holding transformer construction & wire harness bundling.

Flame retardant – complies with requirements of UL 510.

Available Colors: WhiteYellowClearBlack

Polyester Thermoset Rubber Adhesive Tape Bulk Wholesale

Polyester Thermoset Tape – Rubber Adhesive – 149 Series

Conformable, strong polyester coated with a high quality solvent based rubber adhesive.

Thermoset properties of the adhesive ensures permanent and strong bond to a variety of surfaces.

Insulation Class: 130°C (266°F)

Available Colors: Yellow

Polyester Metalized Tape Acrylic Adhesive Silver Bulk Wholesale

Polyester Metalized Tape – Acrylic Adhesive – 194 Series

Thin, yet conformable, polyester coated with a quality solvent based acrylic adhesive.

Excellent chemical and thermal stability. Designed primarily for non-electrical applications such as reflective shielding.

Shiny, vibrant surface great in decorative trim and graphic arts applications.

Polyimide Tape Silicone Bulk Wholesale

Polyimide Tape – Silicone Adhesive – 95 Series

The ultimate electrical insulating tape – ideally suited to continuous high temperature operating conditions.

Provides residue free protection of gold contacts from molten solder during hot wave solder leveling process.

Continuous service temperature range of -100°F to 500°F with short term intermittent service to 600°F.

Electroplating Vinyl Electrical Tape Bulk Wholesale

Electroplaters Vinyl Tape – 7 Series

Rubber adhesive provides excellent adhesion to all metals and most plastics.

7 mil highly conformable vinyl tape.

Also can be used as a premium aisle marking tape – bright yellow color is highly visible.