General Purpose Foil Tape – 500 Series – Acrylic Adhesive – 1.5 mil

Superior conformability in vapor sealing of fiberglass duct board, sheet metal ducts and FSK systems. High tack cold weather acrylic adhesive combines extremely high quick stick at normal temps with superior performance at low temperatures and high humidity.


Our 500 Series General Purpose Foil Tape is a 1.5 mil (38 micron) dead soft malleable aluminum foil coated with an aggressive, high temperature acrylic adhesive system.

The foil conforms well to both fibrous and sheet metal ducts, providing an excellent vapor seal; also conforms well to irregular surfaces. Coated with a special cold weather acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system that combines superior quick stick at normal temperatures with superior low temperature performance at freezing. Recommended for use at normal and elevated temperatures also.

Primarily used for vapor sealing fiberglass duct board and sheet metal ducts, can also be used on FSK systems.

Item # Roll Size Units / Case Case Size Case Weight
50002 2″ (48mm) x 50 yd 24 – Bulk 11.75″ x 12″ x 12.5″ 32 lbs
50003 3″ (72mm) x 50 yd 16 – Bulk 11.75″ x 12″ x 12.5″ 32 lbs
50016 2″ (48mm) x 10 yd 24 – Bulk 11.5″ x 7.5″ x 9.125″ 9 lbs

Technical & Consumer Data

Physical Properties

Total Thickness (w/o liner): 3.1 mil
Service Temperature: -25F to 250F
Peel Adhesion to SST (PSTC-101): 60 oz/in
Shear Strength: 2 psi
Tensile Strength: 20 lbs/in
Elongation: 3%
Surface Burning Characteristics: 5 flame / 20 smoke
*UL 723 rating / test method ASTM E84

The physical properties listed above are typical test results obtained from a series of laboratory tests and should not be used for the purpose of writing specifications. Before using the product, user shall determine the suitability of the product for his/her intended use; and user assumes all risks and liabilities in connection therewith. All test procedures used are in accordance with ASTM and PSTC methods.


Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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