Polyethylene Stucco Tape Available For Industrial & Construction Suppliers

Recommended for the most demanding stucco applications

Finding the right stucco tape is simple when you turn to Electro Tape. We proudly supply a range of different stucco tapes to suppliers throughout the United States. Our unique Stuck-O-Tape™ brand offers class leading performance and is available in red, black, and white. We can custom slit our stucco tape to any width required for a one case minimum. If serrated (or pinked) edges are needed, we offer that option in 2” rolls as well as the standard straight edge. This trim protection product is designed to adhere firmly to certain surfaces for 30 days and remove cleanly, and is also:

  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications
  • Easy to remove from a wide range of materials, including wood, masonry, vinyl, metal, and glass

Additionally, for more long-term projects in which adhesion and clean removability is required for up to 90 days, we provide a more heavy-duty product (ETS #1499). This stucco masking tape comes standard in red, and provides all the benefits of our black and white tape options but with up to 90 day UV resistance and removability. This premium product has a specially formulated, high tack, acrylic adhesive system, making it ideal for use in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Plus, it is chemical and age resistant, so it is the perfect option for even the most demanding stucco trim protection applications.

For additional information regarding white, red, or black stucco tape in any of the various grades or sizes that we offer or for guidance on proper steps in application and use please contact Electro Tape today. One of our representatives will be happy to help you identify the products that perfectly suit the unique demands of your customers.

Polyethelene Stucco Tape Red White Black Bulk Wholesale

Stuck-O-Tape – Stucco / Trim Protection Tape – 145 Series

Stuck-O-Tape is the brand of choice for stucco professionals!

For stucco, plaster masking and sunlight (UV) exposure applications.

For outdoor applications where the tape is required to perform over an extended period of time up to 30 days but will offer easy, residue-free removal.

Bulk General Purpose Poly Polyethelyne Tape Wholesale Distribution

General Purpose Polyethylene (PE) Tape – 133 Series

Low residue yet aggressive adhesive allows for use in surface protection applications.

No UV additives so not recommended for long term outdoor use.

Suitable for general purpose permanent patching, splicing, masking, and seaming.

Clean Room PVC Marking Tape Bulk Wholesale

Premium Trim Protection Mask – 148W Series – 180-Day

For window protection with stucco, plaster, and other coating applications.

Rated up to 180 days for clean removable on most solid surfaces.

Tape constructed with a conformable film and premium rubber adhesive which adheres well to range of low energy surfaces (LSE) to ensure adequate hold through life of project. UV, moisture, chemical, and age resistant.

PVC Threshold Protection Tape Bulk Wholesale Distribution

PVC Protective Threshold Tape – 150T Series – Rubber Adhesive

Easily conforms to irregular surfaces including metal, masonry, wood, vinyl, aluminum and more

Its high durability makes this tape a great choice for protection of doorway thresholds and other surfaces where heavy traffic is involved

Easy to use / easy to remove – leaves no messy residue

Moisture, chemical and UV resistant

Bond Breaker Tape Bulk Wholesale Distribution

Polyethylene Bond Breaker Tape – 706B Series – Acrylic Adhesive

High tack acrylic adhesive, conformable film and high release backside combine to make a tape suitable for “Bond-Breaker” requirement for newly poured concrete when making expansion joints.

Tape is placed in void cut into newly cured concrete. Material used to fill void does not stick to tape backside allowing for tension release and eliminating cracks.