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Our duct tapes utilize triple-layer construction consisting of a polyethylene (PE) plastic backing for waterproofing, a cloth middle layer that provides strength and affords a straight tear and a quality rubber-based adhesive for durable holding power. Changes to these three components: PE backing, cloth, and adhesive provide various grades of tapes resulting in different performance and cost characteristics.

Economy and Utility Grade duct tapes offer good adhesion in short-term, low-demand applications on relatively clean surfaces with light weather exposure.

Contractor Grade Duct Tape – 203 Series – 10 mil

203 Series

Good for hanging poly and some applications where clean removal is a benefit.

Broad range of colors allows for color coding and/or color matching in wire hold down applications.

Available Colors: SilverYellowRedWhiteBlueBrownGreenBlack

MegaBolt™ Super Premium Duct Tape – 16 mil

Mega Adhesion, Thickness & Strength! MegaBolt™ Super Thick Duct Tape features a durable black polyethylene (PE) coated cloth backing and a mega thick layer of aggressive natural rubber adhesive.

Available Colors: Black