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High Quality, Low Voltage
Rubber Splicing Insulation Tapes.

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Low Voltage Rubber Splicing Tape

low voltage rubber electrical tape specifications

40 – 30 mil Low Voltage Rubber Splicing

Low Voltage Rubber Splicing Tape

  • High quality, un-vulcanized EPR rubber with first-rate self-amalgamating properties carried on a thick poly liner.
  • Primary insulation for electrical wires and cables splices of not more than 600V.
  • High elongation conforms to irregular shapes.
  • Suitable for industrial pipe repair, automotive, marine, construction, and many other general applications.
  • Dielectric strength 490 volts per mil.
  • Flexible over a wide temperature range: Max operating temperature 176°F.
  • Recommended to be overwrapped for mechanical protection and durability with friction or vinyl tapes.
  • UL 510 listed. Meets requirements of ASTM-D119 and HHI-553C.
  • Made in USA.

Custom Width 30 mil Low Voltage Rubber Splicing TapeCustom Widths Available

40A – 60 mil Low Voltage Rubber Splicing

  • Same as #40 rubber tape except double thick for quick insulation buildup and higher insulation properties per layer.

Custom Wdith 60 mil Rubber Splicing TapeCustom Widths Available

125 – Electrical Filler Tape

Electrical Filler Tape

  • Butyl based insulation in 1/8″ (125 mil) thickness for easy and quick buildup.
  • Will not corrode copper or aluminum.
  • Highly moisture resistant.
  • Made in USA.

160 – Silicone Rubber

silicone rubber tape

  • Self-bonding silicone rubber wrap which readily adheres to itself when wrapped under tension. Fuses to form a homogeneous mass within 24 hours at room temperature.
  • No adhesive; leaves no sticky residue.
  • Excellent dielectric properties – use to protect splices, connections and cables terminations (stress cones).
  • Clear polyethylene liner protects the tape from blocking.
  • Resistant to salt water, sunlight, and fuels.
  • Capable of withstanding temperature variations from -65ºF to +500ºF.
  • Also used as an emergency hose repair tape for automotive exhaust lines, marine hoses, and plumbing.
  • Produced in two configurations – triangular and rectangular. Triangular is thicker in the middle and tapers downward at each side with a line running down the apex of the tape. This acts as a guideline for succeeding wraps producing a uniform thickness layer. Rectangular is same thickness across web.

MW101 – Mastic Rubber Wrap

mastic rubber wrap

  • Self-bonding 1/8″ thick (125mil) electrical grade rubber mastic.
  • Use for insulating and moisture sealing splices and terminations on solid electric cable.
  • Can be wrapped, stretched or molded around irregular shapes for insulation build up, water sealing and surface protection.
  • Use in conjunction with an overwrap of Electro’s premium vinyl for optimum durability and protection.
  • Widely used for cellular tower electrical splices.
  • Available in longer length rolls which allows user the flexibility to prepare needed length on job site.
  • Made in USA.

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