Mastic Rubber Wrap – MW101 Series

Self-bonding 1/8″ thick (125mil) electrical grade rubber mastic.

Use for insulating and moisture sealing splices and terminations on solid electric cable.

Can be wrapped, stretched or molded around irregular shapes for insulation build up, water sealing and surface protection.

Widely used for cellular tower electrical splices.


Our 125 mil MW101 Series Mastic Rubber Weather Wrap is a tacky extruded mastic-based wrap with excellent adhesion to most clean substrates, including EPDM.

It is soft and tacky for quick grab yet possesses non-flow at elevated temperatures up to 180°F. Black in color. Excellent resistance to prolonged UV exposure.

Item # Roll Size Units / Case Case Size Case Weight
436000 2.5″ (63 mm) x 24 in 64 / case (16 / pack) Bulk n/a 46 lbs

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