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About Nashua Tapes

Nashua Duct & Foil Tape

We are a leading distributor of Nashua Tapes

For more than 80 years, industries such as construction, HVAC, energy, medical, and aerospace have trusted Nashua tape products. They produce superior tapes with consistent and performance characteristics that are manufactured to adhere to even the most difficult surfaces in all kinds of conditions.

Nashua Duct Tape

Made in America and producing dozens of varieties, Nashua is best known for their duct tapes. This brand is preferred by independent contractors and engineering leaders alike, particularly their premium line. Their duct tapes tear straight, hang straight, and resist curling, important properties on the jobsite. Available in varying grades, strengths, and colors, all duct tapes are tested in accordance with UL 723 – the test for surface burning characteristics of building materials. Here are just a few of the Nashua duct tape products we carry:

Nashua 357 Premium

Nashua 398 Professional

Nashua 357 Premium

By far the most popular premium grade tape on the market – preferred for its strength, clean release, and trouble-free characteristics

Nashua 398 Professional

This versatile grade is favored by the HVAC industry and other high-demand applications and is also used in manufacturing environments that require nuclear certifications which can be special ordered and documentation provided upon request.

ashua 2280 General Purpose (GP)

Nashua 394/Nashua 308 Utility

Nashua 2280 General Purpose (GP)

Electro Tape Number 204

Flexible and high tack product used in temporary repairs, bonding, and holding.

Nashua 394/Nashua 308 Utility

Electro Tape Number 206

Best used for light maintenance, bundling, patching, and sealing applications.

Nashua Foil Tapes

Foil tapes are best known for their moisture and temperature resistance, which makes them best suited for the insulation of heating and cooling systems. They can be very durable in subfreezing or sweltering environments – even areas with high humidity. Here are some of the Nashua foil tape products we carry:

Nashua 324A Premium

Nashua 322 Utility

Nashua 324A Premium

Electro Tape Number 181A

An imprinted aluminum foil tape with an acrylic adhesive that is primarily used as a sealing wrap on fiberglass duct systems and in cold weather.

Nashua 322 Utility

Designed with a rubber adhesive, it’s perfect for sealing seams and joints against moisture in HVAC and refrigeration applications.

Electro Tape – A Nashua Master Distributor

Whether assisting the industry to meet UL code requirements, being featured prominently on multiple episodes of Mythbusters or hanging in your garage at home, Nashua tape products have become a mainstay for countless applications across the country. Electro Tape has been there as one of the foremost bulk tape distributors of Nashua duct and foil tape.

With a main facility situated in Florida, we also have strategic stocking centers in key locations around the country. In addition to supplying distributors with Nashua products, we can also customize them for you. Learn more about our in-house slitting, cello wrapping, and rewinding capabilities by visiting our services page or speaking to one of our associates.

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