Underground Non-Detectable Tape – 868 Series

100% virgin LDPE with lead free pigments and color stabilizers to resist bleeding

Identifies the type of utility line buried, below, both by printed legend and an APWA designated utility color

Highly resistant to all alkaline, chemical and organic compounds

Available APWA Uniform Color Codes:


Electro Tape’s line of underground non-detectable tapes are a thick 4 mil heavy metal free polyethylene material. Our tapes are designed to meet the strictest of industry standards. Available in 3″ and 6″ widths.

Used in utility construction, turn & irrigation, CATV, pipeline and mechanical contractors. Tape is buried 4″ to 6″ below the surface. When digging begins, the tape is dug up first to signal that some type of line is buried below. The tape prevents damage to the line and/or persons digging.

APWA Color Code Definitions

YELLOW – Gas and associated lines such as cathodic protection lines

RED – Electric and associated lines

ORANGE – Telephone, fiber optic and associated lines (such as CATV)

BLUE – Water and associated lines such as irrigation lines and lawn sprinkler systems

PURPLE – Reclaimed water and associated lines

GREEN – Sewer, sanitary and associated lines

Item # Size Units / Case Pack
8683_ 3″ (75 mm) x 1000 ft 8 / case Bulk
8686_ 6″ (150 mm) x 1000 ft 4 / case Bulk
Yellow - 86831 86861 Yellow (1) Red 86832 86862 Red (2) Orange 86834 86864 Orange (4) Blue 86835 86865 Blue (5)  Green 86838 86868 Green (8)

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