Heavy Duty Filament Strapping Tape – 160 lb – 197 Series

Transparent, moderate tensile, high adhesion

Smooth, clear, rubber based adhesive

High strength fiberglass strands are securely bonded to tough and durable polypropylene film backing


Our 197 Series is a transparent, moderate tensile, high adhesion, medium impact strength, rubber based pressure sensitive tape designed for your most critical packaging applications.

High strength fiberglass strands are securely bonded to tough, durable polypropylene film backing by our unique laminating process, which insures full utilization of the tape roll without backing failure due to strand de-lamination or edge unraveling.

Smooth, clear, rubber based adhesive is applied to give an even spread, which insures full surface contact for maximum holding power.

Item # Size Units / Case Pack
300705 1/2″ (12 mm) x 60 yd 72 / case Accordion
300707 3/4″ (18 mm) x 60 yd 48 / case Accordion
300710 1″ (24 mm) x 60 yd 36 / case Accordion
300720 2″ (48 mm) x 60 yd 24 / case Accordion

Technical & Consumer Data

Physical Properties

Backing: 1 mil Polypropylene
Adhesion to Steel: 70 oz./in width
Tensile Strength: 160 lbs/in width
Elongation: 4 %
Total Thickness: 4.3 mils
Temperature Resistance: Good
Holding Power: Excellent
Stain Resistance: Excellent

Physical characteristics shown are averages from tests recommended by our own procedures. A particular roll may vary slightly from these averages. The buyer should determine the suitability for his own use.


Technical Data Sheet