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Window Protection Film for Construction Applications Available from Electro Tape

Window Protection Film ConstructionWindow protection film is essential for construction companies throughout the country, as it helps to prevent damage to glass surfaces from impacts, dirt, stucco, mortar, paint, and other common hazards on a jobsite. Because these products are temporary solutions, they are typically available with low to moderate tack, to prevent residue from remaining on the surface after removal.

For suppliers throughout the country, the best company to turn to for window protection for their construction customers is Electro Tape. We offer two distinct types of glass protection solutions to suit a wide range of needs. These include:

  • 365 Day UV – PVC Surface Protection Film
    • Provides up to one year of protection and UV resistance and does not leave residue when removed
    • Thickness of 3.0 mil
    • Tensile Strength of 12 lb/in
    • Adhesion of 5.5 oz/in
    • Elongation of 290%
  • Value Film – 90 Day UV – PE Surface Protection Film
    • Features outstanding puncture resistance and protection for non-porous surfaces for up to 90 days
    • Available in blue and clear
    • Thickness of 2.0 mil
    • Tensile Strength of 7 lb/in
    • Adhesions of 8.3 oz/in
    • Elongation of 305%

Additionally, Electro Tape offers many other surface protection solutions. In fact, we have all of the products necessary to keep a jobsite clean and free from damage with products ranging from floor and carpet protection to masking tapes. And, despite the fact that we offer low minimum order requirements, the suppliers we serve benefit from highly competitive pricing and fast turnaround times.

To learn more about the window protection film we offer to construction suppliers throughout the country, contact Electro Tape today.