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Wide Electrical Tape for Construction and Industrial Applications

Wide Electrical TapeIf you need wide electrical tape to fulfill the requirements of your customers in industrial and construction industries, the best company to call is Electro Tape. We carry a complete line of premium electrical tape products in a range of materials and with many different features to suit virtually any application.

Our product selection includes:

  • Vinyl electrical tape
    • General purpose
    • Professional grade
    • Premium grade
    • Specialty
  • Rubber electrical tape
    • Low voltage splicing tape
    • High voltage splicing tape
  • Cloth electrical tape
    • Friction tape
    • Glass cloth tape
  • Film electrical tape
    • Polyester
    • Polyimide
  • Specialty electrical tape
    • Heavy duty vinyl
    • Electroplaters vinyl
    • 5 mil wire harness wrap

We offer these top-notch products in various widths; however, what truly sets Electro Tape apart from the competition is our ability to slit and wind our tape to custom widths and lengths. This allows the suppliers we work with to stock electrical tapes that perfectly suit the needs of their customer base. So, whether your customers demand wide red electrical tape, black electrical tape designed for high-voltage applications, or yellow electrical tape with exceptional resistance to weather and chemicals, we have you covered.

What’s more, Electro Tape is proud to offer wide electrical tape – and all of our adhesive tape products – at highly competitive prices, even though we accept smaller minimum order quantities than other companies. To learn more about our products, contact us today.