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A Variety of Warning Tape for Industrial and Construction Suppliers

Warning TapeUsing warning tape to mark buried utility installations is important, as it prevents workers from damaging them during maintenance or construction. Electro Tape has been one of the leading providers of these warning products to suppliers and distributors throughout the country since 1969. We have developed a reputation for providing not only the highest quality tape solutions that meet the needs of construction and industrial customers in any market but also exceptional customer service.

When you turn to Electro tape for warning tape products, you’ll be able to select from:

  • Non-detectable tape, which identifies utility lines with a printed legend as well as an APWA-designated color
  • Detectable Warning Tape, which has an aluminum backing in addition to an APWA-designated color, so it can be detected by non-ferrous metal detectors

Both of the products are available in colors to indicate buried gas, electrical, telephone, water, reclaimed water, or sewer lines. And they both have exceptional longevity underground because they are highly resistant to all chemical and organic compounds.

At Electro Tape, we are able to offer competitive prices with smaller minimum order requirements than those of most other companies. We are also proud of our turnaround times, which are among the fastest in the industry.

For top-quality warning tape products and outstanding customer service, construction and industrial suppliers nationwide trust Electro Tape. Contact us today to learn more.