Underground Safety Tapes

Used for Marking, Indicating and Alerting
Workers to Buried Utility Installations.

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About Underground Tape


Underground tapes are used for marking, indicating and alerting workers to buried utility installations. There are two common types of underground tapes used for this purpose: 845 Detectable Underground Tape has an aluminum backing making it detectable by a non-ferrous metal detector. 868 Non-Detectable Tape lacks the aluminum backing of the detectable product but still offers a visual indication of utility work, pipes, and cable buried below. Both products offer a degree of protection against costly service interruptions and repairs.

845 – Underground DETECTABLE – PE with Foil Laminate

  • The ultimate protection for underground utility lines.
  • Highly resistant to all chemical and organic compounds.
  • Immediately identifies the type of utility line buried below, both by permanently printed legend and an APWA designated utility color.
  • Colors Available:

868 – Underground NON-DETECTABLE

  • 100% virgin LDPE with lead-free pigments and color stabilizers to resist bleeding.
  • Identifies the type of utility line buried, below, both by printed legend and an APWA designated utility color.
  • Highly resistant to all alkaline, chemical, and organic compounds.
  • Colors Available: