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Sticky Mats for Floor Protection Available from Electro Tape

Sticky MatsUsing sticky mats is an excellent way to prevent tracked in dirt, dust, and other particulate debris from soiling or damaging flooring in a construction or remodeling area. Electro Tape is the go-to source for industrial and construction distributors throughout the country who demand only the finest floor protection products that will keep their customers returning.

Our standard sticky mats are practically sized at 24” and 36” to be easily placed outside of a containment, work zone, warehouse, or any other area that needs to be kept clear of outside dirt. These mats feature a low-tack adhesive that will easily clear contaminants from the underside of shoes or casters. They have 30 peel-away layers per mat to achieve a long service life. When used in conjunction with a sticky mat base, these mats will provide a non-slip surface that can be moved easily as needed.

At Electro Tape, we’re proud to offer our sticky mats at highly competitive prices while requiring much smaller minimum order quantities than many other companies. To learn more about our products, contact us today.