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Splicing Tape for Low- and High-Voltage Applications, Available to Distributors Nationwide

Splicing TapeElectro Tape is the premier provider of splicing tape and other adhesive tape products for industrial and construction distributors throughout the country. Our products are designed to provide adequate insulation and prevent moisture infiltration through a self-fusing adhesive that is not corrosive to aluminum or copper conductors.

When choosing splicing tape, it is important to select a product that can safely handle the voltage of the application. At Electro Tape, we’re proud to provide both low- and high-voltage rubber tape products to help distributors meet the specific demands of their customers. Our selection includes:

  • Low-voltage rubber tape
    • 30 mil low-voltage splicing
    • 60 mil low-voltage rubber splicing
    • Electrical filler tape
    • Silicone rubber
    • Mastic rubber wrap
  • High-voltage rubber tape
    • 30 mil high-voltage rubber – linered
    • 30 mil high-voltage rubber – self wound (no liner)

In addition to providing a wide variety of splicing tape, Electro Tape is committed to enabling distributors to better serve their customers. For example, we offer same- or next-day shipping, which is the fastest available in the industry, so suppliers can quickly provide customers with the products they require. We also offer competitive prices while not requiring large minimum order quantities like our competitors, helping to prevent product surpluses.

If you’d like to learn more about the low- and high-voltage splicing tape that Electro Tape offers to industrial and construction suppliers throughout the nation, contact us today.