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A Variety of Rubber Tape Products for Industrial and Construction Suppliers

Rubber TapeRubber tape, used for wire and cable splices or wire connections, is essential for insulation and to prevent moisture infiltration. At Electro Tape, we offer suppliers only the highest quality rubber tapes that have numerous impressive features, such as a self-fusing design for a moisture- and void-free bond, as well as resistance to expansion and contraction.

Electro Tape also offers a wide variety of rubber tapes to suit virtually any application. Our selection includes:

  • Low voltage rubber tape
    • 30 mil low voltage splicing
    • 60 mil low voltage rubber splicing
    • Electrical filler tape
    • Silicone rubber
    • Mastic rubber wrap
  • High voltage rubber tape
    • 30 mil high voltage rubber – linered
    • 30 mil high voltage rubber – self wound (no liner)

No matter which types of tape you require for your customer base, you can rest assured Electro Tape has them in stock, allowing us to provide deliveries that are among the fastest in the industry. You can also count on personalized service. Unlike other companies that greet your call with an automated messaging maze, Electro Tape has knowledgeable representatives who will be happy to discuss your needs and ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to learn more about our selection of rubber splicing tape products, contact Electro Tape today. We are proud to serve industrial and construction suppliers throughout the nation.