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Reinforced Caution Tape for Construction and Industrial Applications

Reinforced Caution TapeElectro Tape proudly offers reinforced caution tape and woven barricade products that are ideal for the long-term marking of hazardous areas in construction and industrial environments. Unlike typical caution tape, these products are specially designed to be long lasting and to endure harsh conditions, such as harsh direct sunlight, high winds, rain, and more.

Our long-term safety tape products include:

  • Reinforced barricade tape – Available in “CAUTION” and “DANGER” varieties, this tape is made of exceptionally durable, woven polyethylene, which is perfect for applications in which normal caution tape won’t last, such as outdoor applications in which high wind or snow are common.
  • Woven barricade tape – This heavy-duty polypropylene barricade tape has a high tensile strength (500 lbs.) and UV stabilizers for increased longevity in outdoor applications. It is available in yellow or red with a solid black line down the center.

At Electro Tape, we not only provide distributors with top quality reinforced caution tape, but also exceptional service. For example, we require smaller minimum orders than our competitors, and our turnaround times are among the fastest in the industry. What’s more, we offer an enormous variety of other adhesive tape solutions, ranging from surface protection to packaging tapes, so our customers can find everything they need from a single source. Our customers also benefit from our expertise and extensive knowledge of markets across the nation, as we can help determine which products would be best for certain geographical regions.

If you are interested in learning more about the reinforced caution tape and other products, that we offer to industrial and construction suppliers throughout the country, contact Electro Tape today.