Reflective Safety Tapes

Ultimate Visual Impact

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Reflective Safety Tapes provide the ultimate in visual impact. These tapes are constructed with aggressive weather resistant adhesives coated on tough yet flexible films that carry an encapsulation of reflective materials. This combination provides vibrant daytime visibility and brilliant nighttime reflectivity. Various colors and patterns allow for flexible use of transportation, signage, and on industrial and construction sites. Removable paper release liner allows for tape to be die cut into shapes.

835 – Solid Color Reflective Tape

  • Colored Engineering grade reflective sheeting offers 7-year durability
  • Recommended for substrates including glass, metal, painted surfaces, and rigid plastics.
  • Minimum Application Temperature: 40°F
  • Meets ASTM 4956-99 Reflectivity Type 1.
  • Colors Available:

837 – Striped Reflective Tape

  • Available colors: black/yellow or red/white diagonal stripe.
  • Laminate of clear film over stripe enhances color and pattern durability.
  • Meets federal specification L-S-300C,
    Reflectivity 1, Class 1.
  • Colors Available:

838 – Conspicuity Reflective Truck Tape

  • Designed for rugged outdoor use on the sides and rear of truck/trailers or other vehicles.
  • Easy to apply to smooth surfaces, or surfaces where tape must go around or over rivets.
  • Tough, weather and solvent resistant, resists cracking and lifting.
  • 8 mil polyester based conformable tape with 7-year durability.
  • Minimum 700 candlepower / typically 1000 candlepower.
  • Available color: red/white horizontal stripe.
  • Meets NHTSA 49CFR Part 571 Conspicuity regulations for Department of Transportation.