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Highly Visible Reflective Safety Tape from Electro Tape

Reflective Safety TapeReflective safety tape is designed with tough, flexible films that encapsulate reflective materials. At Electro Tape, we only carry the highest quality reflective tapes to ensure maximum visual impact during the day and high reflectivity at night. These products come in a wide range of colors and patterns for use on anything from signage to transportation, and many even come with a removable paper release liner that allows it to be die cut into shapes.

Our reflective safety tape options include:

  • Solid color reflective tape
    • Ideal for use on glass, metal, painted surfaces, and rigid plastics
    • Available in yellow, red, silver/white, orange, blue, and green
    • Colored engineering grade reflective sheeting lasts up to 7 years
    • Meets ASTM d 4956 – 99 Reflectivity Type 1
  • Striped reflective tape
    • Clear film over stripe increases color and pattern longevity
    • Available in black/yellow and red/white
    • Meets federal specifications L-S-300C, Reflectivity 1, Class 1
  • Conspicuity reflective truck tape
    • Designed to last up to 7 years in rugged conditions, such as on the sides and rears of trucks
    • Weather- and solvent-resistant adhesive resists cracking and peeling
    • Available with a red/white horizontal stripe
    • Meets NHTSA 49CFR Part 571 Conspicuity regulations for Department of Transportation

Electro Tape is proud to offer outstanding service to distributors in addition to the finest safety tape. We require smaller minimum order quantities than most other companies and provide exceptionally fast turnaround times while keeping our prices highly competitive.

For more information about our reflective safety tape, as well as any of our other products, contact Electro Tape today.