Vinyl Pipe Wrap Tape

Wholesale pipe tape providing protection
against oxidation and other corrosion.

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About Our Selection of PVC Pipe Tape


Anti-corrosive Wrapping

Whether your pipes and fittings are above ground, below ground, or somewhere in between, our tough non-conducting vinyl pipewrap tape fights against common indoor and outdoor elements that can lead to oxidation and other corrosion. It can be applied manually or with machinery to provide an all weather moisture-proof fortification.

pvc pipewrap tape specifications

Common Uses for PVC Pipewrap Tape

Air ducts, water mains & services lines, sewer lines, pipe corners & transitions, oil pipes, electrical cables & components. PVC pipewrap is a preferred alternative to painting and re-painting interior/exterior service pipes and provides superior protection.

Custom Widths on All PVC Pipewrap Products

From metal pipes, joints and fittings on mill-coated pipes, to electrical conduits, we can custom slit rolls to any size from a 48″ master log. Choose from our selection of 10 mil standard in various colors and 20 mil premium grade.

polyvinyl chloride pipe wrap tape

UPC Approved Pipe Tape

Premium grade pipewrap tape

General Purpose Polyvinyl Chloride Pipewrap Tape – 140

Differentiate and categorize piping systems with our 10 mil general purpose PVC pipewrap, available in white, yellow, and black.

A wide range of stock widths are available, all rolls are 100′ long.

U.P.C. Approved
PVC Pipe Tape – 140P

10 mil tape offered in black, with the UPC Approved (Uniform Plumbing Code) logo/stamp printed on.

Standard sizes are 1″ x 100′ and 2″ x 100′, custom widths are available up to 48″ wide.

Premium Grade PVC Pipewrap Tape – 142

Twice as thick as our General Purpose PVC pipewrap, this 20 mil construction is recommended when extra strength and durability is needed.

Available only in black. A wide range of stock widths are available, all rolls are 100′ long.

The Vinyl Pipe Tape Difference

By design, PVC tape adheres to both plastic and metal surfaces to give a complete coating on all exposed areas. It’s conformable to uneven surfaces, easy to apply, insulated, and is created to withstand deterioration by:

  • Salts, alkalis, and other soil minerals
  • UV ray exposure
  • High and low temperatures
  • Moisture and sewage
  • Fungus and bacteria
  • Abrasive contact
  • Common chemicals and their vapors
  • Dry and humid conditions