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Polyester Insulation Tape for Industrial and Construction Distributors Throughout the Country

Polyester Insulation Tape Polyester insulation tape may be thin, however, it is exceptionally strong and resistant to abrasions and tearing. It is also highly conformable and, when combined with thermoset rubber or acrylic adhesives, can withstand temperatures of up to 266 °F, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of projects.

Electro Tape is the premier supplier of electrical insulation tapes for industrial and construction distributors throughout the country. We offer an excellent selection of polyester tapes, which in addition to being high performance, are available in a range of transparent colors for easy color coding while maintaining visibility of covered parts. Our polyester insulation tapes include:

  • Acrylic adhesive polyester tape – Perfect for outer wrapping on capacitors and coils, holding transformer construction, and wire harness bundling up to 5,000 volts, this product is flame retardant with an insulation class of 266 °F.
  • Thermoset rubber adhesive polyester tape – This tape has a wide variety of applications, including as bobbin and wound coil covers, start wire anchoring for stick wound transformers, lead wire anchoring and hold-down, and small motor end turn bundling.
  • Metalized polyester acrylic adhesive tape – This vibrant silver colored tape has outstanding chemical and thermal stability and is best used in non-electrical applications.

At Electro Tape, we’re not only committed to bringing our distributors the best selection of tape products, but also providing top-notch customer service. For example, many of our tapes are available in custom widths and lengths. We also keep our prices competitive while allowing for smaller minimum order quantities than our competitors.

If you’d like to learn more about the polyester insulation tape and other adhesive tape products that we offer, contact Electro Tape today.