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For Thread Seal Tape

PTFE Thread Tape

Our Professional Grade Thread Seal Tapes are designed with specific needs and applications in mind.  We supply a wide range of Thread Seal options including High Density, Gas Line and Stainless Steel rated products.

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550U – Professional USA Made PTFE

ptfe thread sealing tape professional

  • Made in USA
  • Tape Thickness: 3.3mil
  • High Density: 0.50 to 0.70 gm/cm3 – 100% virgin PTFE
  • Best for thread seal applications where quicker build-up and stronger puncture resistance is required.
  • Meets BUY AMERICA ACT for Military & Governments requirements.
  • FDA Compliant to 21 CFR 177.1550
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555 – Premium Grade PTFE – High Density

ptfe thread seal tape

  • Tape Thickness: 3.5mil
  • Highest Density: 0.80 gm/cm3 – 100% virgin PTFE
  • “Cadillac” of the Industry – designed for the most demanding and toughest applications.
  • Best choice for deep and large threaded fittings – provides best coverage quickly with minimum wraps.
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556 – Gas Line Grade PTFE – Yellow

ptfe thread seal tape for gas line

  • Tape Thickness: 4mil
  • High Density: 0.90 gm/cm3 99% Virgin PTFE, max 1% Pigment
  • Designed specifically for Gas Lines of all types- natural gas, butane and propane. Identified by light yellow color.
  • Temperature Range – 475°F to 550°F
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558 – Stainless Steel Grade PTFE – Gray

ptfe tape for stainless steel

  • Tape Thickness: 4.5mil
  • High Density: 1.20 gm/cm3 99% Virgin PTFE, max 1% Pigment
  • Nickel pigment additive ensures proper leak proof seal on all stainless steel fittings – even coarse ones. Prevents galling, seizing, and corrosion. Identified by light gray color.
  • Temperature Range – 475°F to 550°F
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