Plumbing Pipe Thread Seal
Contractor Grade

Used for Wrapping and Sealing the Threads
of Iron, Copper, Brass, Plastic,
Glass or Rubber Pipes

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For Contractor Grade Thread Seal Tape

Pipe Thread Tape

These products are used for wrapping and sealing the threads of iron, copper, brass, plastic, glass or rubber pipes to ensure leak-proof connections. Provides chemically inert, no hardening, non-contaminating permanent seal. All our PTFE products listed here either meet (550PQ, 550U, 555) or exceed (556, 558) Military specification MIL-T-27730A (superseded by A-A-58092). Cases are master and sub-packed with details listed on our catalog PDF pages that you can click on and download.

pipe sealing tape specifications

550PQ – Contractor Grade PTFE (Pipe Thread Tape)

pipe sealant tape contractor grade

  • Made in China
  • Tape Thickness: 4mil
  • Standard Density: 0.36 gm/cm3 – 100% virgin PTFE
  • Suitable for standard, non-challenging thread seal requirements.
  • Temperature range – 375°F to 500°F
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