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Electro Tape Provides Pipe Wrap for Suppliers Throughout the Country

Pipe WrapPipe wrap is specifically designed to protect the surfaces of piping systems from corrosion, abrasion, and electrolytic action. At Electro Tape, we only offer high-performance pipe tape that can be used in a variety of indoor, outdoor, above ground, and below ground applications, such as on pipes, conduits, joints, and valves. Our products, in addition to being easy to work with and apply, provide a long service life thanks to their resistance to sunlight, moisture, acids, alkalis, corrosive salts, sewage, bacteria, and fungus.

Electro Tape’s pipe wrap products include:

  • General purpose PVC tape – Available in yellow, white, and black, these products are ideal to both protect, differentiate, and categorize piping systems.
  • P.C. approved PVC pipe tape – This products comes with the UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) approved logo/stamp printed on.
  • Premium-grade PVC tape – This extremely durable tape is twice as thick as our general purpose PVC pipe tape and is best for applications in which more extreme conditions are expected.

Whether your customers demand pipe tape for ducts, water mains, sewer lines, pipe corners, electrical cables, or any other application, you can rest assured Electro Tape’s products are their ideal solution. Not only are our pipe wrap tapes available in a wide variety of standard widths to suit your customers’ specific needs, but we can even custom slit our products, allowing us to offer widths of up to 48”.

To learn more about the pipe wrap products that Electro Tape offers to distributors throughout the United States, contact us today.