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Painters Blue Tape for Industrial and Construction Distributors Throughout the Country

Painters Blue Tape Blue Painters masking tape is an industry standard and is used in applications ranging from simple residential painting jobs to large-scale remodeling projects. However, not all blue tape products are the same. In fact, they vary greatly in the strength and duration of their hold as well as other factors such as how easily paint will bleed through to the covered surface.  Our blue painters masking is also ideal for holding plastic (poly) masking films or paper in place while offering a clean removal solution from the substrate.

For industrial and construction suppliers throughout the country who demand the finest blue masking tape for their customers, Electro Tape has the perfect solution. We provide 14-Day Blue Clean Removal Painters Grade Masking Tape, which:

  • Is highly versatile for use on glass, most wallpaper, metal, painted or unpainted wood, and stained or painted wallboard
  • Is UV resistant with a specially formulated adhesive system that allows for clean removal for up to 14 days
  • Has a thickness of 5.5 mil, adhesion of 22 oz./in, tensile strength of 22 lb./in, and elongation of 6%

In addition to our painters blue tape, we offer general purpose masking tapes as well as a 7-Day Green Painters Tape with an exceptionally UV- and solvent-resistant surface that is excellent for shorter projects.

No matter what type of painters tape you require, you can rest assured that Electro Tape not only has the finest quality products, but will also provide first-class service. For example, we offer custom-slit and -wound tape rolls, so you can easily fill your customers’ specific orders. We also offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry, providing next-day shipping on stocked items.

If you’d like to learn more about the blue painters tape, and other tape products that we provide to distributors throughout the nation, contact Electro Tape today.