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Marking Tape for Industrial & Construction Applications

Marking tape is crucial to the organization and management of both industrial facilities and construction worksites, as well as the safety of employees working in such environments. At Electro Tape, we offer distributors in construction and industrial markets a vast range of pipe, ceiling, forklift, truck, doorway, exit, and aisle marking tape to help keep facilities operating safely and efficiently. Each of our marking tapes is produced from a durable polyvinylchloride (PVC) material that provides quick, firm adhesion and simple, clean removal from most surfaces.

Marking TapeThe different marking tapes that we sell include:

  • Solid Color PVC Marking Tape
    • Thickness of 6.0 mil
    • Tensile strength of 18 lb/in
    • Adhesion of 30 oz/in
    • Elongation of 160%
    • Available in purple, yellow, red, white, orange, blue, brown, gray, green, black, and clear colors designed specifically to meet OSHA safety coding requirements
  • Safety Striped Marking Tape
    • Thickness of 6.0 mil
    • Tensile strength of 16 lb/in
    • Adhesion of 21 oz/in
    • Elongation of 200%
    • Available in black/yellow, red/white, black/white, purple/yellow, and green/white striped colors
  • Laminated Safety Striped PVC Tape
    • Thickness of 7.5 mil
    • Tensile strength of 18 lb/in
    • Adhesion of 18 oz/in
    • Elongation of 180%
    • Available in black/yellow, red/white, and black/white striped colors

Electro Tape differs from other marking tape manufacturers and distributors in many ways. We require smaller minimum orders than those required by many competitors. We provide exceptionally fast turnaround times while keeping our prices on par with, and oftentimes below, competitors’ prices. We can even custom-slit tape to the specific width demanded by our customers. And, we are dedicated to providing the quality, personalized service that you deserve.

Contact Electro Tape today to receive additional information on the different types of marking tape that we have available. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions and assist you in finding the right tape for your specific needs.