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Top-Quality Linerless Rubber Tape for Construction, Industrial and Electrical Distributors

Linerless Rubber TapeLinerless rubber tape, also called Self-Wound, is primarily used to insulate splices, terminate cables, and provide electrical insulation, can often be superior to linered options in both low- and high-voltage applications. This is because linerless electrical tape is much easier and more efficient to apply. At Electro Tape, we are proud to offer the finest quality linerless tape – 30 mil High Voltage Rubber – that is specifically designed for telecommunication and utility applications. This product:

  • Is self-bonding and exceptionally easy to work with
  • Can be used as primary electric insulation for voltage applications up to 69 kV
  • Can insulate splices and terminate cables where overload temperatures reach up to 266°F
  • Can withstand a continuous operating temperature of up to 194°F
  • Has high thermal conductivity

Of course, our selection includes premium linered tapes in addition to linerless rubber tape. We offer everything from low-voltage splicing tape to silicone rubber wrap to suit nearly any application. For many of our products, we can slit them to specific widths or rewind them to special lengths, allowing you to provide your customers with tapes that are tailored to their needs. What’s more, if you require advice about what products would best suit your customers’ applications, Electro Tape can help. We have a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and have representatives throughout the country who are familiar with the needs of construction industries in local markets.

If you’d like to learn more about the linered and linerless rubber tape that we offer to distributors throughout the country, contact Electro Tape today.