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Premium Hazard Tape for Distributors Throughout the Nation

Hazard TapeHazard tape is essential for industrial and construction workplaces, as it is used to mark off where there may be dangerous conditions. At Electro Tape, we’re proud to offer distributors throughout the country a wide range of marking tape products that will meet the specific demands of their customer base. Whereas painted lines can fade quickly due to spills, vehicle traffic, and other sources, our top-quality tape will remain vibrantly colored and in place for as long as it is needed. Plus, our products are easy to install, don’t require any curing time, and can be easily removed without leaving residue on a majority of substrates.

Our selection of hazard tape includes:

  • Solid Color PVC Marking Tape – Available in a variety of colors that meet OSHA and ANSI safety marking standards, this tape is resistant to moisture, weather, and chemicals.
  • Safety Striped PVC Marking Tape – Available with black, yellow, and red stripes, this long-lasting tape is modeled after OSHA standards for safety in the workplace.
  • Laminated Safety Striped PVC Marking Tape – This tape comes in standard colors to identify radiation hazards, physical hazards, fire prevention, and housekeeping, and it has a polypropylene film coating to increase durability and visibility.

In addition to providing premium hazard tape that will meet government regulations, Electro Tape can also tailor our product to meet the needs of your customers. For example, our solid color tape is available in custom-slit and -wound rolls.

To learn more about the hazard tape that we provide to suppliers across the country, contact Electro Tape today.