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Premium Floor Tape for Industrial and Construction Suppliers Throughout the Nation

Floor TapeFor industrial and construction distributors who demand the best floor tape available, Electro Tape offers the ideal solutions. Since 1969, we have been the premier supplier of adhesive tapes, providing a wide variety top-quality products and an unparalleled level of service that allows distributors throughout the country to meet the unique demands of their customer base.

At Electro Tape, we understand that, when it comes to floor tape, quality is key. After all these products are essential for marking off areas of jobsites and designating hazardous areas in which conditions like vehicle traffic are common. That’s why we offer marking tape products with high-performance features that make them longer lasting than paint. Our selection includes:

  • Solid Color PVC Marking Tape
    • Available in colors that meet OSHA safety coding requirements
    • Tensile strength of 18 lb/in
    • Thickness of 6.0 mil
    • Adhesion of 30 oz/in
    • Elongation of 160%
  • Safety Striped Marking Tape
    • Feature standardized colors to indicate fire prevention, aisle marking, safety, and first aid, and physical hazards
    • Tensile strength of 16 lb/in
    • Thickness of 6.0 mil
    • Adhesion of 21 oz/in
    • Elongation of 200%
    • Available in black/yellow, red/white, black/white, purple/yellow, and green/white striped colors
  • Laminated Safety Striped PVC Tape
    • Coated with a layer of clear polypropylene film to increase performance and durability
    • Tensile strength of 18 lb/in
    • Thickness of 7.5 mil
    • Adhesion of 18 oz/in
    • Elongation of 180%

Additionally, we offer premium anti-slip floor tape designed for use anywhere where a non-skid surface is needed. This product is easy to apply, long-lasting, and will help prevent slips and falls.

To learn more about the selection of floor tape that we offer to suppliers around the country, contact Electro Tape today.