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Floor Protection for Construction and Industrial Suppliers Available from Electro Tape

Floor ProtectionDistributors in construction, industrial, and retail markets that demand the finest floor protection products know to turn to Electro Tape. We have served customers nationwide since 1969 and have earned a reputation for not only providing the best quality surface protection products, but also first-class service. For example, we have representatives around the United States who have in-depth knowledge of local markets and can help distributors select the best products for their customers.

When it comes to floor protection, Electro Tape has all of the products that construction and industrial customers require, including:

  • FloorBoard™ – This is a heavy-duty, non-adhesive, reusable fiber board used to protect flooring during construction or remodeling. It is resistant to liquids and is safe for use on concrete, tile, wood, stone, linoleum, and vinyl.
  • Hard surface protection film – This low-tack, temporary floor protection film can protect hard, non-porous floors from tracked-in dirt, spills, construction debris, and damage for up to 45 days.
  • Carpet protection film – Designed with a custom adhesive system, this film adheres well to most types of carpeting and can provide protection for up to 45 days.
  • Sticky mats – Each of these mats has 30 sheets of exposed low-tack adhesive to remove dirt and debris from shoes and wheels.

Electro Tape is also proud to offer minimum order quantities that are much lower than those of our competition, as well as exceptionally fast turnaround times. To learn more about the floor protection and other adhesive products that we offer, contact us today.