Polyimide Film Tapes

The Ultimate Electrical Insulating Tape

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Polyimide tapes deliver the maximum temperature resistance up to 500°F. Transparent backing allows for a view of masking surface. Durable backing pulls off clean from a masked surface.

95 – Polyimide – Silicone Adhesive

  • The ultimate electrical insulating tape – ideally suited to continuous high temperature operating conditions.
  • Provides residue-free protection of gold contacts from molten solder during the hot wave solder leveling process.
  • Insulation Class: 180°C (356°F)
  • Dielectric Strength 7500 volts.
  • Continuous service temperature range of -100°F to 500°F with short term intermittent service to 600°F.
  • Standard color: amber (transparent).
  • Tape Thickness: 2.5 mil

Custom Widths Available