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Premium Underground Detectable Tape for Long-Term Protection of Underground Utility Lines

Detectable TapeUnderground detectable tape is used to mark buried utility installations to prevent workers from damaging them during construction or maintenance. These products are designed with an aluminum backing, making them detectable by non-ferrous metal detectors and providing a highly affordable way to avoid costly service outages and repairs.

Electro Tape is a leading provider of detectable underground tape to suppliers throughout the nation. We offer a premium, foil laminate detectable product that provides superior protection to underground utility lines because it is resistant to all chemical and organic compounds, resulting in exceptional longevity. It also immediately identifies the type of buried utility line through a printed legend and APWA designated utility color. The eight colors we offer include:

  • Yellow – Buried gas line
  • Red – Buried electrical line
  • Orange – Buried fiber optic/telephone line
  • Blue – Buried water line
  • Purple – Reclaimed water
  • Green – Buried sewer line

Additionally, we offer non-detectable tapes without a foil laminate that identify utility installations through color and printed legend. These products are made from 100 percent virgin LEPE, lead-free pigments, and color stabilizers to prevent bleeding.

Whether you require non-detectable or detectable tape, Electro Tape is the best company to turn to. We offer competitive prices and require lower minimum order quantities than our competitors. Plus, our turnaround times are among the fastest in the industry, with same or next-day shipping on stock items.

To learn more about why you should order detectable tape from Electro Tape, contact us today.