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Long-Lasting Danger Tape Available for Distributors Nationwide

Specialized danger tape used to mark off an area on a construction site or in an industrial facility can be found at Electro Tape, a trusted supplier of pressure sensitive tape products to distributors in construction, industrial, and retail markets since 1969. All of our barricade tapes are made from a durable, non-adhesive polyethylene film, and we offer 2 mil red danger tape with legends such as Danger Danger, Danger Do Not Enter, and Danger Peligro, in various thicknesses. We also offer thicker, reinforced red danger tapes that are ideal for long-term projects and can resist wind, snow, and other harsh elements. Furthermore, we offer many custom barricade tape solutions.Danger Tape

In addition to providing custom danger tape solutions, we differentiate ourselves from other tape distributors and manufacturers by:

  • Requiring smaller minimum orders
  • Providing exceptionally quick turnarounds times, typically the same day or next day for in-stock items and three business days for special orders
  • Delivering personalized customer service, including having a live company representative always available to answer phones, rather than directing callers through an automated voicemail system

To learn more about the different types of danger tape that Electro Tape can supply and the benefits of choosing us as your industrial tape supplier, contact us today. Whether you’re searching for basic danger tapes or need to have your product customized, we’ll be happy to help you identify the best barricade tape for your specific needs and ensure that it is delivered to you quickly after your order is placed.