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Silica Barricade Tape for OSHA Compliance and Safety

Keep the area safe with industry-standard “Danger: Silica” barricade tape. This durable barrier tape maps out the affected area of construction sites, buildings, and more!

Wholesale “DANGER” Crystalline Silica Safety Tape

Find professional-grade silica barrier tape at wholesale prices to suit your needs!

Danger Silicia Tape

  • Product: Red “DANGER” Crystalline Silica Barrier Tape
  • Item #: 86682
  • Dimensions: 3” x 1000 2 mil
  • Label: “Danger Crystalline Silica; may cause cancer; causes damage to lungs; authorized personnel only; wear respiratory protection and protective clothing in this area”
  • Quantity: 8 rolls per box
  • Description: Professional-grade barricade tape for silica affected areas.

Danger Silica Tape


Crystalline silica is a common mineral found in the earth’s crusts like sand, stone, glass, concrete, brick, ceramics, and more. When cutting, sawing, drilling or crushing of stone, rock, brick or block occurs, very small particles known as respirable Crystalline Silica ( 100 times smaller than ordinary sand ) are created.



It is estimated that roughly 2.3 million people in the U.S. are exposed to silica in their workplace every year. Workers inhale these very small crystalline silica particles and are at serious risk of developing silica-related diseases. Some known disease includes Silicosis, Lung Cancer, Kidney disease, and COPD.

Effective June 2018, OSHA will enforce two new respirable crystalline silica standards to better protect workers exposed. Our durable, Silica Barricade Tape is a great addition to the bag of tools needed to warn and identify hazardous areas.



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