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Durable Crime Scene Tape for Distributors Nationwide Available from Electro Tape

Crime Scene Tape

If you are a distributor looking for top-quality crime scene tape for your customers, look no further than Electro Tape. Since 1969, we have provided the greatest value for an enormous variety of adhesive and non-adhesive tapes. This is not only because we offer only the highest quality products at competitive prices, but also because we go the extra mile to ensure the distributors we serve are able to meet their customers’ specific needs. For example, we offer the industry’s fastest turnaround times, so suppliers can meet customer requests quickly.

Additionally, Electro Tape offers a variety of specialty and hard-to-find barricade tape products. Along with crime scene tape, we offer specialty tape with a range of printed legends, including:

  • Police Line Do Not Cross
  • Sheriff’s Line Do Not Cross
  • Fire Line Do Not Cross
  • Caution Hard Hat Area
  • Caution Construction Company
  • Wet Paint

These products are available in red and yellow colors and are made of an exceptionally durable polyethylene film for long-lasting performance. We offer some legends  in both 300-foot and 1000-foot rolls, and our most popular options are available in both English and Spanish, allowing you to meet your customers’ unique needs. And, if your customers require a solution that will last over long periods, we offer reinforced barricade tape that is made from woven reinforced polyethylene and is suited to even the most rugged conditions.

If you’d like to learn more about the crime scene tape and other barricade tape products that we offer to distributors across the country, contact Electro Tape today.