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Top Quality Construction Window Protection Film for Industrial and Construction Distributors

Construction Window Film Construction window protection film is used by contractors during the remodeling or construction process. Typically designed with low to moderate tack adhesives, these films protect windows from environmental contaminants, such as dirt and dust, as well as stucco, mortar, paint and other damage.

Since 1969, Electro Tape has provided industrial and construction suppliers throughout the nation with top quality protective window film. Our selection includes:

  • 365 Day UV – PVC Surface Protection Film
    • Thickness of 3.0 mil
    • Adhesion of 5.5 oz/in
    • Tensile Strength of 12 lb/in
    • Elongation of 290%
    • Designed to provide residue free surface protection and UV resistance for up to one year
  • Value Film – 90 Day UV – PE Surface Protection Film
    • Available in blue and clear
    • Thickness of 2.0 mil
    • Adhesions of 8.3 oz/in
    • Tensile Strength of 7 lb/in
    • Elongation of 305%
    • Provides superior puncture resistance that helps prevent scratches to non-porous surfaces

Construction window protection film is only one of the many surface protection solutions that we offer. Distributors also turn to us for a variety of exceptional floor and carpet protection products, as well as an excellent selection of masking tapes, stucco tapes, polyethylene tapes, protective paper, and more.

There are many other reasons to choose Electro Tape over the competition aside from our outstanding product selection. For example, we require lower minimum order amounts than most other companies and provide the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

To learn more about why you should turn to Electro tape for construction window film, or any other surface protection product, contact us today.