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Barricade Tape for Construction & Industrial Suppliers Throughout the United States

Barricade tape is essential at construction sites and industrial facilities, as it’s used to identify both above-ground and below-ground hazardous conditions to workers and other site visitors. At Electro Tape, we offer distributors nationwide a wide range of safety tapes, with variations in colors, legends, and thickness. All of our barricade tapes are advertised in accordance with their true thickness rather than nominal thickness which is a commonly used industry term for a thinner product.

Barricade TapeOur barricade tape selection includes:

  • Polyethylene barricade tapes in yellow and red with multiple legends and even bilingual for caution and danger
  • Red and yellow barricade tapes commonly referred to as “woven barricade tape” that include a black stripe down the middle that are constructed of woven polypropylene film that resists high winds and forceful impacts
  • Reinforced Caution and Danger Tape which is a very heavy duty barricade tape with filament strands built into the product to provide longer life and resistance to the elements
  • Flagging tape in both standard (non-glow) non-adhesive PVC and high visibility (glow) PVC, available in yellow, red, white, orange, blue, and green

While safety and danger tape can be found from multiple sources, Electro Tape stands above other barricade tape purveyors for an ability to deliver truly custom safety tape and danger tape. Our team can produce a high-quality custom logo safety tape and danger tape by printing your company’s name or logo onto the tape legend at little-to-no additional cost. Furthermore, we separate ourselves from competitors by having some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry – typically same day or next day shipping on in-stock orders. Plus, we require much smaller minimum orders than what you’ll find with large manufacturers and other distributors. And though we are able to deliver barricade tapes and other products in quick fashion without requiring a large order, we are also able to keep our prices extremely competitive, providing a truly unbeatable value to our customers.

For additional information about custom private label yellow caution tape, custom private label red danger tape, and other types of barricade tape that we offer, contact Electro Tape today.