Anti-Slip Safety Tapes

Provides a Safe, Non-Slip Surface

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Anti-Slip Safety Tapes provide a safe, non-slip surface under shoe traffic to prevent unnecessary slips and falls. A flexible vinyl backing filled with a gritty mineral abrasive to deliver traction on flooring in work areas, stair treads, construction equipment, ramp ways, transportation and recreational vehicles. These tapes are designed for indoor and outdoor use wherever a non-skid surface is required.

3200 – Coarse Grit Surface Anti-Slip Tapes

  • Installs in seconds; just peel off paper backing and press into place.
  • Unaffected by environmental conditions and mild acid or alkali exposure under normal conditions.
  • Black is most commonly used for color. Often used on steps and stair treads.
  • Also available in a range of colors or black/yellow striped pattern for subtle or high visibility.
  • A glow-in-the-dark version has excellent luminescent properties perfect for areas where lighting can be limited such as emergency exits, stairwells, theaters, closets, etc.
  • Colors Available (3200C):