Is Teflon® Tape and
Pipe Thread Seal Tape
the Same Thing?

Clarifying the Confusion Over
the Name 'Teflon® Tape'

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About Thread Seal Tape

What is Teflon® Tape?

The truth is, Teflon tape is not actually a product at all. However, pipe thread tape is commonly referred to as Teflon® Tape. Much like Kleenex®, Band Aids®, or Q-Tips®, Teflon® is actually a brand name that has since become genericized in the American lexicon. Teflon® creator DuPont®, has even published information on its site addressing the confusion (Read Dupot’s® statement on ‘Teflon® tape’ here).

Pipe thread tape, or ‘plumbing tape’ is made from Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). A non-toxic and stable synthetic fluoropolymer, PTFE is known for its friction reducing advantages and excellent dielectric properties. However, there is no thread seal tape product with the name ‘Teflon® Tape’.

How did the name ‘Teflon® Tape’ become so commonly used?

View Dupont’s®
Statement Here

At some point, various retailers started incorrectly marketing their pipe thread tape as ‘PTFE Teflon® Tape’ or ‘Teflon® Plumbing Tape’.

Since Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont, these manufacturers marketing the name ‘Teflon® Tape’ were actually falsely mis-representing the product. In order for any product to market the ‘Teflon®’ brand, it must contain the unique ingredients and be properly licensed through DuPont.

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